NEWW Packaging & Display Introduces the Kolbus RD115

NEWW Packaging & Display Introduces the Kolbus RD115

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Carroll, Lewis (1991) [1871]. "2: The Garden of Live Flowers". Through the Looking-Glass (The Millennium Fulcrum Edition 1.7 ed.). Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 14 October September 2022.


NEWW Packaging & Display is excited to present our new Kolbus RD115 five color rotary die cutter. This press is equipped with the latest technology for high end flexographic printing, including full servo drive design, dual bladed ink chambers, effective dust collection, anvil grinding, and enhanced sheet control. This new investment has replaced our Hycorr Hygraphics rotary die cutter and will allow us to deliver significantly better quality print as we grow to meet our customer’s future expectations.

Most components of the press are independently driven by Siemens servo drive technology, which results in more precise print registration and hopefully in the long term, less maintenance. Color to color registration is twice as tight as the machine that was replaced. Our formulations of water-based ink will remain the same for now, but the capabilities of the RD115 will allow us to move towards more and more challenging work, with higher line screens and process print on corrugated. In addition, the dust collection systems have allowed NEWW operators to run longer without the need to stop and wash plates, increasing our uptime.

This is the second Kolbus RD115 press installed in the country and yet our installation was relatively smooth and uneventful. NEWW was making saleable product within the first day of scheduled operation after a six-week installation schedule. Kolbus has been receptive to changes and modifications needed to the machine and software package, which is allowing us to tailor the machine to our needs.

Kolbus has provided an impressive graphics press to NEWW that rivals the most capable machines in the country. We are impressed by the superior build quality and intuitive design that allows operators effective control over the operation of the machine. NEWW looks forward to stepping up our print quality and are glad to have a partner like Kolbus to aid us in that effort.