Case Study: Design Lab

Case Study: Design Lab

Retail Expertise

By Josh Race


NEWW Packaging & Display is often approached by customers looking to succeed in different retail environments. Some are new customers looking to enter a confusing world of specifications and requirements for the first time, others are large, established customers seeking to reinvent the shelf presence and consumer reception. They turn to us to help successfully make that leap forward.


With an up-to-date library of store packaging requirements, we tailor each packaging solution to the end retail requirements. Our knowledgeable design staff consider volume, weight, material type, brand visibility, and other factors into consideration to help sell the product.


The end result is a display that balances strength, efficiency, and aesthetics. Several of our customers have been able to expand into multiple wholesalers with NEWW designs. This helps create a strong customer/vendor relationship and ensures continued profitable growth for both.

“This was a big win. We worked with an equipment manufacturer and came up with an automatic tray. The original design was a hand assembled tray that had a larger blank size. We were able to reduce the cost of the tray by 30 %, eliminate the labor to assemble the tray, increase run speeds, increase the stacking strength, and reduce the space required for inventory. The annual cost savings was $3,000,000 when we developed it.”