Covid 19 and NEWW

The safety and health of our employees, partners and customers is of utmost importance at NEWW Packaging and Display.

The Governor of Massachusetts has issued an emergency order requiring many businesses to close their workplaces until April 7th.  NEWW is classified as an essential business and will remain open in that we manufacture boxes and corrugated packaging used to ship food, cleaning products, biomedical supplies and other critical items.

NEWW is implementing policies and procedures to ensure the health of our employees and the continued operation of our facilities.

All sick employees are required to stay home.

Anyone who becomes sick is self-isolate and connect with their primary care physician.

NEWW has increased daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures in the factory and office.

NEWW facilities are closed to outside visitors and all employee travel has been cancelled.

Coworkers are physically spreading out to the extent possible.

Certain employees are required to work from home due to preexisting health conditions.

Many customers have inquired about risks to their supply chain. Currently NEWW is not anticipating any disruptions of our business. Most of our raw materials are locally sourced. Letters of documentation from our primary suppliers show no immediate concerns about the availability of raw materials. We are increasing our normal inventories of paper, starch, ink and other products. NEWW also maintains mutual continuity plans with other corrugated convertors.

We are actively monitoring this evolving situation and the guidelines provided by the state and federal agencies. Please contact your sales or customer service representative with any questions or concerns.