COVID 19 and NEWW:

March 26, 2020

The safety and health of our employees, partners and customers is of utmost importance at NEWW Packaging and Display.

The Governor of Massachusetts has issued an emergency order requiring many businesses to close their workplaces until April 7th.  NEWW is classified as an essential business and will remain open in that we manufacture boxes and corrugated packaging used to ship food, cleaning products, biomedical supplies and other critical items.

NEWW is implementing policies and procedures to ensure the health of our employees and the continued operation of our facilities.

  • All sick employees are required to stay home.
  • Anyone who becomes sick is self-isolate and connect with their primary care physician.
  • NEWW has increased daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures in the factory and office.
  • NEWW facilities are closed to outside visitors and all employee travel has been cancelled.
  • Coworkers are physically spreading out to the extent possible.
  • Certain employees are required to work from home due to preexisting health conditions.

Many customers have inquired about risks to their supply chain. Currently NEWW is not anticipating any disruptions of our business. Most of our raw materials are locally sourced. Letters of documentation from our primary suppliers show no immediate concerns about the availability of raw materials. We are increasing our normal inventories of paper, starch, ink and other products. NEWW also maintains mutual continuity plans with other corrugated convertors.

We are actively monitoring this evolving situation and the guidelines provided by the state and federal agencies. Please contact your sales or customer service representative with any questions or concerns.

Happy Holidays!

December 20, 2018

Happy Holidays from your friends at NEWW Packaging & Display! This year we wanted to support and showcase local business in our holiday promotion: Smith Country Cheese, Priscilla Candy Shop, Stonewall Kitchen and Seaman Paper.

Smith Country Cheese, (https://www.smithscountrycheese.com) located in Winchendon, MA uses old fashioned family tradition and sustainable practices to produce hand-crafted Farmstead Cheese. We featured their holiday Cranberry Orange cheese.
Priscilla Candy Shop (https://www.priscillacandy.com) is right down the street from us in downtown Gardner, MA. Priscilla is a handmade chocolate and fudge shop with recipes passed down through family generations since 1936. Their candy is a piece of history and tradition. We featured their holiday themed assorted chocolate box.
Stonewall Kitchen (https://www.stonewallkitchen.com) in Maine started with just a small booth at a farmer’s market in Portsmouth, but quickly grew into the specialty foods market. Between salad dressings, to jams, to salsa and more, Stonewall has become a New England favorite! We featured their Holiday Jam in our gift boxes.
All 3 beautiful products rest on hand-packed sheets of Seaman Paper (https://www.seamanpaper.com) holiday tissue paper. Seaman Paper, whose corporate headquarters are in Gardner, MA, is a leading global supplier of lightweight packaging and paper products.
As always, thank you to all of our customers for an amazing year with us. We appreciate your business and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Packaging Opportunities for E-Commerce

April 9, 2018

Trade coffee e-commerce box, structural and graphic designWhile 94% of retail sales are still in the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce is expected continued growth annually by 17%, reaching $414 billion by 2018. According to this infographic, courtesy of Whisbi, brick-and-mortar and e-commerce are constantly battling for consumers’ attention and dollars.

Within the world of packaging, we are on the front lines discovering new approaches to support each market. Both markets are very unique when it comes to packaging. In developing retail packaging, placed on a store shelf or display, we battle to get the consumer’s attention with flashy graphics and creative structures. Perhaps even being interactive with a “push me” button. In the world of packaging for e-commerce how do we add value beyond just protecting the products?

The Oreo Club e-commerce box loaded with new product monthlyThe key is to make use of the time the packaging is in the consumer’s hands. Everyone
expects to see information about the products printed on the outside of the box, but when they open the packaging and see new information printed on the inside of the container as well this can be a game changer. You have your audience available and in position to tell them what else they could purchase, or show them the new item that is going to improve their lives. This will get focused attention. This is the time to leverage the e-commerce sale and get more for your advertising and packaging dollars. Using multi-color graphics and messaging printed on the inside of boxes has begun to catch on and improve extended sales.

Over the past year, many of us have watched our local news stations report story after story of the crimes that occur when packages are delivered to a customer’s porch and stolen within minutes of delivery. Clearly, the days of shipping cartons with full graphics on the outside, identifying the packaging contents, are a thing of the past.

The Bobst 1228

September 20, 2017

The Bobst 1228 on a packaging production floor

‘Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!’
– The Red Queen, Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking Glass

NEWW Packaging and Display has always strived to operate on the cutting edge of this industry. Over the past thirty years our fleet of machines has expanded many times; sometimes in direct response to a customer’s needs and in other occasions where we have perceived a business opportunity.

A few months ago, NEWW installed a new five-color Bobst 1228 RS to replace our older S&S flexo folder gluer. A sheet of corrugated enters the machine and emerges as a fully printed, cut, folded, and glued package. Our new press is fully automated from prefeeder to robot stacker, and is equipped with a complete set of infrared dryers and carbon fiber ink chambers. It looks and sounds like a spaceship. Our talented crews have quickly learned to operate the 1228 and it is already clear that the speed and print capabilities of this machine are many times greater than where we were a year ago.

This new flexo-folder gluer is a sizeable investment for our company, but the potential sales and efficiencies that we expect to achieve with these new capabilities make for a solid return on investment.

AICC Conference & Design Lab

October 2, 2017

Quarter pallet display for Sweet's Taffy displayed in Las Vegas for AICCThis past week Ben Urquhart, Production Manager and Shannon Mahoney, Designer travelled to Las Vegas to take part in the annual meeting of the Independent Packaging Association (AICC) at the Encore. http://www.aicc.org/ These events included presentations and training sessions conducted by other packaging companies and sponsor companies on the latest technology and new trends in packaging.

Parallel to the AICC Conference was the AICC Design Lab. Structural and graphic designers from around North America were organized into groups for a 3-day design competition for Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy. https://www.sweetcandy.com/ Each group had to design a quarter pallet display, counter top display, and folding carton to contain 7.5 ounces of taffy. After a very busy but rewarding few days (eating too much taffy), Shannon and her team received an Honorable Mention for creativity in their modular and strong design.

Shannon and Ben had an amazing time networking and reconnecting with other AICC members, and had the opportunity to attend PackExpo while in the area as well.